Application-Oriented Recording


Data Acquisition with PAK Software The PAK Software that is installed on the computer is used to set and configure channels, clearly display the measured data online in real time, visualize the recording level, synchronize the measurements with the respective track quantity and do a first evaluation of the measured data. Users benefit from the following features:

  • Displays measurement data during data acquisition
  • Analyzes real-time measurement data during data acquisition, so that the data acquisition can be adjusted immediately
  • Combines the storage of acquired measurement data and analysis data, based on commonly used standards
  • Automatically creates reports directly after data acquisition
  • Controls measurement via different track quantities (e.g. rpm, speed, torsional moment), via different trigger slopes or in a variety of software applications
  • Gives quick and easy access to data acquisition using the application "Easy Measurement"

Easy Measurement at a glance:

  • Easy measurement and data recording in the time domain
  • Flexible use of different analysis methods, using variable parameters
  • One graphical user interface that is identical for all modules and easy to use. This GUI is based on common standards but any user can individually modify it