Dummy Positioning Device

Posture is everything

Our MoveInspect Dummy Positioning System (DPS) is crucial to ensure the correct positioning of the dummy for each sled and crash test.

The system consists of four core parts: three high-resolution cameras, a supporting tripod for stability, measurement tools and 3D software.

  • The relevant points of the dummy (H-point, head, knees) are first identified and signaled with measurement adapters. Custom adapters are available for all dummy models. MoveInspect DPS is then positioned in front of the vehicle or the sled setup so that all adapter points are detected by the system. The DPS software shows the operator the current position of the dummy as well as graphical and numerical deviations from the target position.
  • As all points on the dummy are measured and displayed simultaneously, the operator can quickly and manually place the dummy into its target position. With dynamic referencing, output data is not affected by a change in the positioning of the vehicle or measuring device. MoveInspect DPS recognizes the coordinate system of the vehicle and compensates for any movements.
  • The system also provides measurement of additional coordinates of single points, lengths, clearances or angles with the probe according to a predefined measuring plan. The results are shown in a measurement report allowing for further individual processing via an XML export

H-Point Manikin

  • Standard H-Point Manikin TE-HPM
  • H-Point Manikin w/ Measuring Head TE-HPM-MK

The H-Point-Manikin (TE-HPM) is an essential tool for the correct measurements and dummy positioning for many test applications. The HPM fulfills the SAE J826 (11-2008) as well as the recommended VDA 304 (01-2010) requirements. In combination with the Measuring Head (TE-MK) model, the user gets the most accurate solution available. The H-point is used as a key reference point in seated occupant location, seating package configurations, EPA volumes, and crash test positioning. The HPM II H-point machine provides the physical representation of this reference point and is a vital element for design, auditing and benchmarking of seating and interior packages. The HPM II machine is used in conjunction with J 4002 rev. Aug. 2005, which includes many design changes and enhancements over the OSCAR H-Point machine. This new design includes reformed shells for a consistent and reliable fit in bucket seats, articulating back for lumber support measurement, the ability to measure H-point without the use of the leg, and a better design for ease of installation.