The Measurement Device: PAK MKII

PAK MKII is our compact, mobile, multi-channel measurement system for technological acoustic and vibration analyses. It can be universally configured for any common measurement pickups and is easy to adapt to the task at hand. This reduces the effort required, speeds up your project, and minimizes your cost.

The PAK MKII is typically light-weight, low input, robust, flexible, and upgradable – can be used in the laboratory, at the testbench or for other applications on site.

A PC with system software or a smart device communicates with the measuring frontend via a standard Ethernet or WI-FI. The PAK MKII and the smart device can move during the measurement. There is no need to locate the PAK MKII in use and the use at the same place; the locations can be apart.


At a glance: Modular technology, versatile usage

Choose between mainframes with 2, 3, 4, 6 and 10 slots that include more than 100 measuring channels, run several frontends at the same time and apply the phase-synchronized networking via GPS, IRIG or fiber-optical cables. This allows you to enhance the performance considerably. Due to its well-thought-out design, the device, depending on the number of slots, can work without a cooling fan (background noise cannot interfere with low-level acoustic measurements). The high-precision tachometer input with a pulse rate of up to 50 MHz it is especially underlining the accuracy – an important aspect during order analysis and torsional vibration analysis.