Base Analyses

Base Analyses

Our understanding is that an outstanding measurement system for taking acoustic and vibration-related measurements has to fulfill the following key requirements:

  • All standard measuring techniques are available simultaneously; 
  • The measurements have to be reproducible; 
  • The measurements can be effectively evaluated and documented; and 
  • The system can grow to accommodate requirements 

All analyses are based on the recorded time signals which, depending on the task in hand, are recorded by using different sampling rates. Spectral analyses permit detailed analyses that involve transforming signals from the time to the frequency domain, making observations of overall levels or doing third-octave analyses.

For Testbenches and Troubleshooting

PAK data acquisition systems perform these tasks perfectly. The user decides whether to record only the throughput data which is then analyzed later, or if the analysis data has to be saved at the same time (online analysis). Measurement results can be displayed directly in a prepared diagram, thus complying with the company’s or customer’s standards. This means that PAK data acquisition systems are equally suitable for testbench analyses and also for troubleshooting.