Ultra-Flat Overrunable (UFO) Robot Platform

Our Ultra-Flat Overrunable (UFO) robot platform delivers a versatile and low-maintenance solution for your active safety testing needs. The UFO is remotely controlled with a Global Vehicle Target (GVT) or vulnerable road user (VRU) dummy attached to the top. Its stability and low profile allow you to run fully autonomous testing on the latest collision mitigation features with maximum accuracy and repeatability without risking damage to the test vehicles or driver.

The Standard UFOpro is designed for Euro NCAP ADAS testing and has a great degree of flexibility with optional add-ons such as the Arrow Ramp, which can be swapped with the standard front ramp for side impact tests, and the VRU Kit, a mounting platform for linear trajectory tests with pedestrian and bicycle dummies.

Driving Robot

The Humanetics Driving Robot offers precise, repeatable performance on the test track – in a compact, ergonomic design that will have you up and running in no time. The robot controls your test vehicle’s steering, braking, and accelerator, enabling you to navigate it around the track autonomously with highly precise measurements of position, velocity, acceleration, angular rates, roll, pitch, slip angles and more.

Both hardware and software have been optimized for overall user-friendliness. You’ll find plenty of room left over for a second passenger in the front and all of your third-party equipment in the back. We’ve made the setup as quick and easy as possible so that you can relax and focus on the tests at hand.

Inflatable Dummy Car

Our Dummy Car is a fresh take on the 3D vehicle target format that addresses the issue of complex reassembly following each test. While competitors’ products are made from up to 30 foam rubber parts that must be pieced together time and again, the Humanetics dummy car is composed of just four inflatable elements plus a cover.

Upon impact, one of the inflatable pieces is simply dislodged. Thanks to this smart design, reassembly can be completed by one person in under a minute – saving you a wealth of time and human power at the test track.






Autonomous vehicles represent the future of mobility, and future focus of vehicle safety.

As automated driving systems take the driver's seat in controlling vehicles in motion, occupants will be able to focus less on driving and more on relaxing, working or interacting with fellow passengers.

All these new modes present unlimited new challenges for safety testing. New seating positions and new seating directions will require new ways to keep occupants safe from impact and safe from each other during an impact.

Our Autonomous Vehicle Dummies - using the latest THOR technology, with 150 data channels - can adapt to reclined seating positions with a more flexible pelvic structure.