High Acceleration Shock Tester


High Acceleration Shock Tester is designed to meet the requirements of military and appliance etc. industries, with drop principle available, to increase the initial velocity, the air pressure reverse thrust or spring accumulation is adopted to achieve a variety of acceleration through adjusting the inflation pressure. The acceleration kit is equipped on the table for the high acceleration that is difficult to achieve.

Functions and features

  • The low-pressure cylinder is used to supply the reverse thrust force and braking force, safe and reliable, easy to maintain;
  • Two pneumatic brake mechanisms can work simultaneously, to ensure reliable locking;
  • The cylinder or segmented spring drive device is adopted, with shock overload value controlled by adjusting the air pressure, quickly and conveniently;
  •  Shock high digital control is available for good impact repeatability;
  • High-performance special composite table is adopted, equipping with the built-in waveform amplifier, for easy operation and stable performance.