Horizontal Spectrum Shock Composite Tester


Horizontal Spectrum-Shock composite test stand can be used to perform horizontal shock test and shock response test. It is mainly applied in the horizontal irradiation, anti-explosion and anti-knock performance test of kinds of mechanical-electrical products used in aerospace, aviation and ships. As high shock energy, special foundation is needed for installation, and it needs seismic isolation from around buildings.

Functions and Features

  • Full-automatic control, only need to input simple values to accurately finish required test;
  • Shock energy is automatically controlled by computer, with high accuracy and good repetition performance;
  • Various curves function: it can display not only time domain curve, but also relevant response spectrum curve;
  •  Driven by low pressure air, high promote space for shock energy, safety and reliability, easily maintains;
  • Composite test stand, horizontal shock test and shock response spectrum test can be performed in one device;
  • Multiple safety precautions: electric control and software interlock protection, combining with mechanical limitation, to ensure the safety during test;
  • Air pressure driven closed-loop control, the shock energy can be adjusted by changing the air pressure, quick and convenient, with good repeatability;
  • The system contains tolerance for related standards, easy for customers to adjust and apply, automatically get test report;
  • Integrated design of control and measurement software, combination control of all function units, good repeatability and controllability, convenience and simple for operation; ⑩ Complete functions for measurement software,high compatibility for software.