Incline Shock Tester


Incline shock tester is used to simulate the impact resistance damage capacity of the product package in a real environment, such as handling, stacking shelves, sliding of the motor, locomotive loading and unloading, and product transportation. This equipment can be also used as the common test equipment to supply the incline shock in scientific research institutions, university and moderate speciality school, packaging technology testing center, packaging materials factory and foreign trade, transportation departments.

Functions and Features

  • Flexible positioning electric pulley is used for easily fixing the position, with desired variable speed achieved;
  •  The height of the pulley is relatively low, to facilitate to install the specimen;
  • The pulley table can be adjusted to level state, for easy installation of the specimen by the user;
  • Remote control way can be adopted, to fully guarantee the safety of the test personnel;
  • Fix the machine on the base for installation, without any complex operation for convenient test.