Pneumatic Driven Vertical Shock/ Bump Tester


Pneumatic vertical shock and bump test system is an shock and bump test equipment featuring with the novel design, high degree of automation, simple operation and easy maintenance. This equipment is used for the conventional half-sine wave, post-peak sawtooth wave, square wave, and impact response spectrum function etc. shock tests.

Functions and Features

  • The air pressure driven device is equipped, featuring with simple structure, high reliability, free of pollution, to keep the environment clean and healthy;
  • The continuous impact test efficiency can be greatly improved, with maximum collision frequency up to 100 times / min;
  •  Large pulse width and small overload test can be easily achieved;
  • The shock tester with fast shock rate is adopted, which can replace the collision table; compared with the motor-driven or hydraulic drive collision table, it has a higher reliability and better collision waveform;
  • The shock speed can be controlled by adjusting the gas pressure, to achieve the easy adjustment of the collision speed;
  • Shock DAQ series shock control and measurement system can be adopted for the manual shock, continuous shock, single shock, and interval shock, to achieve a variety of impact modes for selection by the user;
  • The self-buffer base is designed to greatly reduce the shock to the ground, which can be placed on the terrace in the standard mechanical industrial plant.