Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Tester


Pneumatic horizontal shock test system available for horizontal shock test of the product is used to simulate the shock environment for horizontal emission test of the optoelectronic system and elongated product that can not be inverted.

Functions and features

  •  The shock table adopts the longitudinal impact way to ensure the high stiffness at longitudinal direction, with reliable pneumatic brake technology having small high-frequency clutter available to prevent the secondary rebound of the table.
  • All adopt the low-pressure cylinder as power device, safe and reliable, easy to maintain
  • Gas-liquid buffer device is designed for large-scale shock tester, thus greatly reducing the shock on the base and ground, and improving the life of the equipment;
  • The expansion cylinder is adopted as a power device, with shock overload value controlled by adjusting the air pressure, fast and convenient, with good impact repeatability.
  • Shock tester control and measurement integrated to facilitate to operate and measure.