Shock Response Spectrum Testing Machine


The Shock Response Spectrum Testing Machine is used to measure and determine the shock resistance performance of the electric and electronic products or packages, to assess the function reliability and structural integrity of the specimen in the shock environment. The shock response spectrum is a total result that the single-degree-of-freedom linear system with a series of natural frequency is subject to the same shock excitation response. The product is shock, with max. shock response value meaning the max. stress applied on the product. Therefore, the Shock Response Spectrum Testing Machine can better simulate the shock wave and shock energy suffered from the actual environment.

Functions and Features

  • The Windows 2000/XP-based state-of-the-art control system is adopted. The Shock DAQ series spectrum control measuring instrument can accurately complete the shock test only by entering the angle of impact hammer by the operator;
  • Pendulum incentive mechanism is adopted, with simple structure;
  • Shock energy is infinitely adjustable;
  • Electromagnetic clutch brake mechanism is adopted, featuring with the fast reaction speed and large braking force;
  • The equipment is equipped with the base, for small floor space and easy installation;
  • The system memory shock response spectrum is normal and shock response spectrum capacity is poor, to facilitate to adjust and apply by the user, with test report automatically generated after the completion of the test.