Shock/Bump Measurement Instrument

Shock/Bump Measurement Instrument


The shock measuring instrument is an shock and bump measuring system based on Windows 2000/XP operating system,with the basic configuration as follows:

• One industrial control computer;

• One charge amplifier (inapplicable for SHOCKDAQ III);

• One acceleration sensor (inapplicable for SHOCKDAQ III);

• One data acquisition board;

• Control interface box.

Basic function of the software system

• Have the measuring range setting function to effectively improve the signal resolution;

• With automatic gain adjustment, and FIR digital stepless filter;

• With an shock waveform automatic parameter measurement function, to automatically display the shock acceleration peak value, pulse width and speed variation etc. parameters;

• With single acquisition and continuous acquisition function;

• With history records display and storage, and maximum and minimum statistical functions;

• To supply the database management, and to achieve the auto storage and loading of the acquisition parameters and the storage and reproducibility of measurement data;

• The collected data can form the test report and word documents, to facilitate to print the curves and prepare the later-stage documents; • Provide GJB150, GJB360A, GB2423, GJB548A, GJB1217, and MIL-STD-810F etc. standard tolerance bands; • Provide the shock waveform power spectrum and response spectrum analysis function (optional).

• To eliminate the impact of the gravity acceleration.

Main technical indicators

• ShockDAQⅠ: Peak acceleration: 10 to 50000m/s2; Pulse duration: 0.1 to 100 (10-3s);

• ShockDAQ Ⅱ: Peak acceleration: 10 to 1000000m/s2; Pulse duration: 0.01 to 10 (10-3s); 2 ~ 4 channel BNC signal input interfaces can be provided (can be expanded to 8 channels); Can be connected to a variety of acceleration sensors and amplifiers.

• ShockDAQ Ⅲ: Peak acceleration: 10 to 1000000m/s2; Pulse duration: 0.01 to 200 (10-3s); Channel: 4-BNC Network