Nor1026 NorReview

New features in V 5.0 !

  • New optional Pure Tone module for ISO 1996-2 calculations
  • ‘Step-line’ graph style feature in L(t) Views In the L(t) View Axis Properties dialogue box there is a new selection within the Graph style box.
  • In addition to the previous styles ‘High/Low’ and ‘Line’, a new feature called ‘Step-line’ has been added. This new style is similar to the ‘Line’ style, but it always drawn the lines between two measurement points as a horizontal line and then an straight vertical line.
  • Nor850 measurement files is supported
  • Nor133/136 vibration data is supported
  • Improved NorReport feature for SPL-based percentiles and vibration data .TXT files is now supported. This opens up NorReview for reading measurement data from other equipment than what is directly supported.
  • Enhanced marker management:
  • NorReview is a flexible PC software package for presenting and post processing any noise or vibration data from a Norsonic instrument
  • It can be used to quickly generate a single report, to make advanced evaluations and complex project reports
  • All users may start up with the basic package, and then addthe optional features as new requirements arise
  • The NorReview software package is compatible with the WindowsXP platform


  • Evaluation of industrial noise
  • Evaluation of rail and road traffic noise
  • Evaluation of residential noise Direct import or file read-in from Norsonic instruments
  • Accept measurement files from Nor840 Marker view, edit and insert functions
  • Replay of noise recordings with dynamic cursor and marker insert features
  • Post processed event analysis with marker insert feature
  • Post processed calculations on pre-marked sections
  • Rating calculations according to National Standards
  • Pre-defined project reports
  • User-defined project reports


Nor1036 NorVirtual

  • Nor1036 NorVirtual NorVirtual type Nor1036 is a simple PC viewer of the screen from the various Norsonic instruments.
  • Whatever view the instrument screen displays (graphs, tables, menus, etc), the same view is visible on the PC screen.
  • Press a key on the instrument keyboard that change the instrument view – and the PC screen change simultaneously.
  • Use the PC cursor to click on any instrument key shown on the PC screen – and the instrument will operate as if it was the instrument key that was pressed directly.
  • NorVirtual communicates with the instrument on the RS-232 or USB interfaces.
  • The NorVirtual software is distributed free of charge together with any Norsonic instrument type Nor131, Nor132, Nor118 and Nor140.


Nor1035 NorPower


A complete package for sound power measurements

It includes the required tools for sound power calculations both in free field and in reverberant acoustical environments. The user may choose to set all required calculation parameters manually, or, just pick one from the list of Standards and all parameters will be preset. Report sheets are available in Word or Excel formats, and the software may even control the instruments during the measurement phase using the optional CtrlPower feature.



Nor1038 A powerful tool for post processing and creation of measurement reports based on captured raw data. The program handles up to 6 measured vibration channels and one noise channel. The program requires that the Nor133 or Nor136 is equipped with option 1, raw data recording.


  • Project oriented system
  • Calculation of all weighted features for multi-file measurements
  • Displays e.g. weighted and un-weighted time signal, frequency spectrum, power density
  • Additional weighting functions available
  • Export of the vibration signals to .WAV or ASCII
  • Zoom
  • Calculated values between cursors
  • Correlation verification between channels
  • Calculation of A(8) for multi-step cycles
  • Report generator based on Microsoft® Word for generating user defined reports
  • Multi language