Comprehensive Environmental Test System

Comprehensive Environmental

Test System Temperature, Humidity, and Vibration


Integrated environmental testing system is designed for the comprehensive test of the temperature, humidity and vibration, with the requirements of different working conditions taken into account, which is widely used to produce the reliability test, identification test and stress screening test of the comprehensive environment with temperature changed rapidly. In order to the optimal performance of the integrated system, we provide a complete set of the integrated system of the integrated environmental testing. Therefore, the users need not to spend a lot of time, effort and funds to splice an integrated system.


Temperature, Humidity, and Vibration


Four combined test system is used in aviation, aerospace, information, and electronics etc. fields, to determine the environmental adaptability and reliability test of the instrumentation, electrical products, materials, parts, and equipments under the low air pressure, humidity, high / low temperature, and vibration individual or simultaneous condition. Compared with the single factor condition, this system can reflect more realistically the degree of adaptation to environmental changes of the electronic products in actual use process, which is mainly used to simulate the high-altitude environment on the ground, to analyze and evaluate the performance and behavior of the avionics electronic products, instruments, meters, components and parts etc. devices and equipments in this environment. This system is composed of the Vibration test system and low air pressure, humidity, and high / low temperature test system.

Functions and Features Main Technical Parameters

  • Can carry out low air pressure, humidity, high / low temperature and vibration single or combined test
  • The reverse force automatic compensation device with independent intellectual property is equipped, to ensure the armature central position when the vibration shaker is working.
  • Specimen energized in test for measuring the electrical performance parameters
  • With large-screen color LCD touch screen and high-performance PLC, the system has high degree of automation, with friendly interface
  • Online control with vibration shaker, having the remote control function