Best solution of the vibration shaker control

Amber vibration controller adopts the highest performance floating-point DSP processor from U.S. TI Company, to achieve the high performance and high reliability of the products combining with 24-bit high-precision module / digital conversion and digital / module conversion technology through the stable PCI plug-in system architecture. Amber vibration controller hardware has two synchronous input channels and one output channel. The software has four functions of random, sine, classic shock and RSTD. Amber vibration controller is a vibration control solution with higher cost performance.

Technical Features

  • Using the latest proven technology and having the highest degree of hardware integration in the industry.
  • With PCI bus architecture, having the high-speed communication speed and excellent compatibility.
  • Innovative ALL-IN-ONE input interface to adapt to a variety of sensor inputs.
  • Safe output protection circuit to protect the safety of the specimen and test system.
  • User-friendly software interface, easy to learn and use.
  • Excellent control performance and control accuracy, with maximum random line number of 3200
  • Min. sine sweep frequency is 1Hz.
  • A WORD report can be automatically or manually generated
  • Online control with Dongling Power amplifier.