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Magnetic and Pneumatic Centering System

Magnetic and Pneumatic Centering System (MPCS) is very convenient for customers to center armature. It works automatically. The maximum displacement of the shaker was affected by the armature’s position. So it is necessary to do armature’s centering before any test. MPCS consists of Armature Incline Block, Displacement Sensor, Pneumatic Performing Part, Filtration Pressure Regulator, Air Pipe, Pressure Gauge, 3/5 Solenoid Valve etc.

RMT armature intelligent temperature monitoring device


  •  Intelligent temperature monitor;
  • Mechanical-electrical integrated designed, to work stably in strong electromagnetic field etc. harsh environment;
  • Non-contact detection, featuring with high precision and reliability;
  • Microcomputer data processing, with range displayed and with alarm limit set arbitrarily. Indicators
  • Measuring temperature range: 0 to 300℃
  • Accuracy: 1%
  • Resolution: 0~1℃
  • Response time: 3 s