Power Amplifier

Smart Power amplifier


Smart Power amplifier is composed of the logical unit, power unit andcontrol unit, with prominent advantages of intelligent manipulation, stability and reliability, flexible configuration, efficient and energy saving, compact structure and easy maintenance.

All of key components are directly supplied by the world-renowned companies such as Siemens, Fairchild, and Mitsubishi, for stable and reliable quality.

Amplifier uses a number of power units working in parallel, with flexible and changeable way. The user can increase or decrease the power modules and Power amplifier modules according to the actual capacity, without replacing the rack; the system uses the new generation IGBT, and adopts the soft switching resonant control technology, featuring with the large power margin (single effective peak power is greater than 20kVA), the high conversion efficiency, and good electromagnetic compatibility;

The introduction of smart Power amplifier will improve the technological content of the Vibration test system, and open up a broad prospect of the China's electric Vibration test system, to promote the progress of electric vibration system to the high power, high excitation force and smart direction, and provide the reliable protection for the development of defense and cutting-edge technology, and enhance the competitiveness of China's electrodynamic vibration test equipments in international market.


Product Replacement Service

Replacement of the amplifier is an important part of the service we offer. Currently, many sets of replacement systems have been successfully installed on the client device round the world. Dongling has a rich professional knowledge to meet the requirement of the third-party vibration equipment. Our professional engineering team will ensure that the new amplifier can perfectly match with the existing vibration equipment, without loss of performance and without any compatibility risk. SDA series Power amplifier has been designed to compatibly replace the old air-cooled and water-cooled vibration equipment systems from the different manufacturer. Through the latest technology, the old amplifier with low efficiency can upgrade to the new SDA series Power amplifier, not only updating the old vibration equipment system but also extending the equipment life. The Power amplifier efficiency of SDA series is more than 92%, which is almost double the power of the old amplifier. Its advantages also include space saving and less size with air-cooled way available. The greatest advantage is reflected in the power consumption and related cost savings. Larger system working in a higher efficiency can greatly save electricity.


PA and MP Series Amplifiers System

Introduction This series is designed for micro vibration and acoustic test system, having the advantages of wide frequency response range, good linearity, small waveform distortion, and perfect protection function.