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Active Safety

Humanetics provides a full range of services to install, maintain, calibrate and certify our active safety test equipment.
Our aim is to keep your test operations running to the highest certified standards by providing you with our expertise, products and partnership when you need it.
We have partnered with AVL to optimize and facilitate your test workflow. The customer-oriented Euro NCAP ADAS Suite consists of the necessary hardware, as well as correlating software to complete your ADAS testing needs with ease. This comprehensive prepackaged solution is intended to simplify and streamline your ADAS test procedures while saving time and cost. The Euro NCAP designated Suite includes the Ultra Flat Overrunable (UFO) robot platform, the complementary self-driving robot, and the AVL assessment tool.
Completing our solution for ADAS testing, we can lease test equipment for specific tests or longer periods of time and we can provide regular maintenance and training for in-house teams, or schedule times to deliver one-off programs tailored to your needs. To help you maintain your test schedule in these challenging times, we're currently offering long-term rentals and lease-to-own solutions in addition to our regular short-term rentals.* Whether you need equipment for just a week or for an extended period, Humanetics has you covered with our flexible and customized rental solutions.


Driving Robot

The Driving Robot is a new state of the art system that delivers significant accuracy and efficiency benefits for active safety track tests.



Ultra Flat Overrunable (UFO) Robot Platform

The Ultra Flat Overrunable (UFO) robotplatform is the first key component of Active Safety testing. Our services are here to ensure you loose no track time.