Test Service

Laboratory Introduction

Dongling Measurement Test Service Center which is invested by Dongling is a third-party society public test platform.In the test laboratory, there're 50 sets testing equipments, including 10N to 500KN vibration test systems, vertical or horizontal working table can be up to 20m2, multi-axis and multi DOF, temperature, humidity and vacuum chambers combined with vibration shaker, vertical or horizontal shock machines, high speed centrifuge, super centrifugal system, shock response spectrum equipment, drop, transportation simulation etc,. Besides these equipment, it also has the capability of modal, strain, fatigue tests and so on. It is able to provide all kinds of test services to customers. Based on the mother company Dongling's technology research development and quick response, Dongling Measurement Test Service Center did various tests for national key projects like manned spaceship, large carrier rockets, ship building, rail transit, wind power generation etc. It has accumulated abundant test experience, improved the quality and ability of its team.

Dongling Measurement has founded joint laboratories with Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Technology, NothwesternPolytechnical University, Southwestern Jiaotong University, Dalian University of Technology, Shanxi Aviation Industry Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., expanding the technical test resources, enhancing the testing capability. It can provide customers with excellent, reliable, safe test and complete test solutions. Contact us for a local laboratory to perform your tests please.

Dongling Measurement Test service Center has been qualified by CNAS, DILAC and ISO9001. It has formed scientific and advanced test procedures to ensure the high quality of Test services.


Repair & Upgrade

Fast Response and Quality Workmanship

That's what you want and that's what you will get when you call DONGLING.

Dongling has advanced technology, mordern instruments and rich

experience in vibration repair and vibration test equipments upgrade. The repaird and upgraded products by DongLling have high reliability to ensure the original performance. Dongling is able to repair and upgrade any brand in the globe.
Dongling professional engineers team can troubleshoot your problem over the phone or through emails, often resolving your problem without ever costing you a nickel! When field service is required, we can repair and upgrade your dynamic test equipments efficiently and affordably through our extensive network of qualified regional distributors or our own exprienced service engineers. Dongling conducts regular quality audits and only uses exprienced and knowledgeable technicians.

Our repair and upgrade services include:
1. Amplifier replacement
2. Armature rewinding/exchanging
3. Repair/replace field coil
4. Controller replacement
5. Service slip table and bearings
6. Provide stand-alone slip table
7. Design and manufacture fixtures
8. Customized head expander
9. Climate chamber integration
10. System upgrade/refurbishment
11. System health check
12. Preventative maintenance
13. Emergency call-outs
14. Yearly service contract

Whenever and wherever you need our support, feel free to contact us.



DONGLING not only supplies with calibration equipments, but also provides calibration services. These calibration services include:
1. Low frequency accelerometers calibration
2. Medium frequency accelerometers calibration
3. High frequency accelerometers calibration
4. High acceleration sensor calibration
5. Strain measurement sensor calibration
6. Accelerometer lateral sensitivity calibration
7. High impact sensor calibration
8. Constant acceleration sensor calibration 
Refer to our calibration products for more information.


Consulting & Training

DONGLING has more than 50 Specialists, professors and academicians can help your engineers and technicians to make system selection, on conducting sine and random vibration tests, on conducting shock tests, on vibration and shock test fixture design, on highly accelerated life testing (HALT), environmental stress screening (ESS) and highly advanced stress screening (HASS). All the consulting is free charge to customer.

1 . Offer individuals with knowledge, skills and attitude need to perform dynamics and environmental test jobs
2 . Training at headquarter in China or overseas training center. 
3 . Open courses, onsite training in customer country and internet training programs, many electronic resources can download from website.
4 . Regular Seminars/technical conferences.