GNSS / Inertial System


ADMA-G: GNSS/Inertial System for vehicle dynamics testing


ADMA stands for Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyzer. This acronym refers to our highly precise Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) using DGNSS (Differential Global Navigation Satellite System). The system was developed particularly for Vehicle Dynamics Testing in the automotive sector. Our ADMA system allows for constant measurement of acceleration, speed and position of moving vehicles in all three dimensional axes. Pitch, roll and course angles can be continuously and precisely measured with ADMA as well as course and side-slip angles as well as angular rates.

This makes GeneSys ADMA system the best choice where challenging measurements with maximum accuracies are required.

ADMA Applications

The strap-down technology ensures that the ADMA is stable and resistant to unwanted vibration during use. This means the ADMA is very well suited for evaluation of Vehicle Dynamics and Driver Assistance Systems. The ADMA system is successfully used for Motorsports, Driver-less Systems, and Construction Machines. It is proven itself in the areas of Route, Track Wear, and Railway measurements.


ADMA Features

Measurement of vehicle motion in three axes, even during GNSS signal loss

  • Dynamic attitude and heading angle determination
  • Precise acceleration, speed, and position data due to extended Kalman filter
  • Precise position data with integrated WAAS/EGNOS-DGNSS receiver (<1m)
  • High precision position data (1 cm) with internal RTK2 DGNSS receiver and GNSS Base Station
  • Robust inertial sensors and strap-down technology without moving parts