Vehicle Dynamic Test

Driving Dynamics Measurement

Our GNSS-based inertial system ADMA (Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyzer) was specifically developed for vehicle dynamics analysis. With ADMA you can quickly and easily perform a wide range of vehicle dynamics tests in real-time. The strap-down technology ensures that the ADMA is stable and resistant to unwanted vibration during use. This means the ADMA is very well suited for evaluation of Vehicle Dynamics.

  • ADMA was developed specifically for vehicle dynamics investigations
  • Quickly and easily configurable in the web browser
  • Fastest initialization in its category: Ready for operation in just a few minutes
  • Users benefit from more than 25 years of application know-how and the experience of GeneSys experts


  • Vehicle dynamics testing according to test standards e.g. ISO lane chang
  • General vehicle dynamics testing
  • Determination of track deviation
  • Sideslip angle measurement
  • Braking/Acceleration measurement
  • Chassis tun


  • Data output rate up to 1000 Hz
  • Data output via 5 CAN bus interfaces and Ethernet
  • Configuration via Ethernet
  • Forwarding of GNSS correction data and relative data calculation (e.g. distance) via WiFi in real-time for multi-vehicle operation
  • GNSS synchronized DAQ synchronization signal, the high clock frequency
  • Inputs for the recording of analog signals
  • Output of DGNSS raw data via Ethernet interface
  • Dual GNSS antenna optionData latency < 1 m


This GNSS-based inertial system is smart

The calculation algorithms are optimized for vehicle dynamics measurements such as slalom and stationary circular drives. They already take into account acceleration due to gravity and earth rotation and are error-tolerant. The sophisticated, user-friendly ADMA, as well as function extensions and matching accessories, give you versatile application options.

  • Activate additional options and add-ons (e.g.: 1kHz licenseMulti CAN license) at any time, retroactively and without changing the hardware
  • Precise acceleration, speed and position data due to extended Kalman filter