ADMA-Speed: Precise Speed and Braking Distance Sensor

ADMA-Speed is a GNSS speed sensor with integrated inertial sensors. It is optimized for brake tests. For easy installation, the inertial sensors are integrated in the GNSS antenna.

All motion data of the vehicle is calculated by means of the tried and tested ADMA technology. In the basic version acceleration, speed and braking distance is transmitted via the CAN and Ethernet interface. ADMA-Speed eliminates the known disadvantages of GNSS speed sensors.


ADMA-Speed highlights

  • User-friendly handling thanks to the combination of GNSS antenna and inertial sensors in one housing
  • Mounting by means of powerful magnets on the vehicle roof
  • Pitch compensation during braking
  • Considerably smoother speed signal in comparison to GNSS
  • Compensation of GNSS data latency
  • Correction of acceleration-dependent GNSS signal distortion
  • Speed calculation at the vehicle center of gravity
  • Data processing unit with tried and tested Kalman filter technology
  • Output of acceleration, speed and braking distance via CAN interface in real-time (up to 1 kHz)
  • Speed and signal-triggered braking distance
  • Signal inputs for braking trigger or light barrier